Homemade Wanton

We have been craving for wanton and had no luck finding a stall that sells good ‘fish’ wanton. So we decided to take matters into our own hands…

A trip to ShengShiong to gather what we need – Li Chuan fish paste and wanton skin, and a quick YouTube search on ‘how to fold wanton’ (thank you Howcast), we were all set!

After a few tries, Sarah and Brendan got really into it and things turned out smoother than we thought – if one is not too picky about aesthetics 🙂

making wanton Not too shabby for first-timers huh?!After cooking in boiling soup for a couple of minutes, the moment of truth came to actually try the wantons…we were delightfully surprised by the smooth texture and super yummy taste!

 Enjoying the fruits of our labour!What started off as a little food craving had turned out to be such a fun and enjoyable ‘food’-n-craft session for the family!

Yum Yum…come and try the Tan’s family homemade wanton!

 Taste as good as it looks!

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