Hand-in-Hand…with my girl

Live Performance @ MOE Work Plan Seminar 2015

Mommy’s View

Was given the privilege to participate in a project with my girl. Her school called and asked if I would like to join her in a singing segment for an MOE event. Hey, I think that would be really fun, to sing together with my girl. Sarah has been very “on” about singing and I think it would be great to have an opportunity to duet with her. It would be one of those “to do” things on my list before I kick the bucket.

To cut the long story short, we went through the full works – a rehearsal,  voice recording and even a music video.. It made me feel like a star!  The experience made me feel closer to my little girl, having to teach her and practise the song. Best of all, I got to sing my lungs out and my girl thinks I have an awesome voice..haha.

Thanks to her school and MOE for giving me a chance to immortalize our little singing fantasy. Another job well done, Eileen!

Daughter’s View

Hi! Did I ever tell you that my mother, Eileen, has amazing singing talent? She has an amazing voice and I want to be just like her!

It all started back in primary one, during my recess, while my school held the Aceplanade. I was interested and went to take a look. I sat down and watched the performances. Towards the end, a music teacher asked if anyone was interested in singing on stage. My hand shot up and the teacher chose me! I sang one of the only songs I knew, “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift.

After performing, I realised that I liked to sing. Every time the school held the Aceplanade (four times a year), I would sign up. Sometimes I would sing with my friends. Once, I was selected to sing the finale song “Let It Go” for the teacher’s day concert.

One day, during art class, the HOD of English, Mrs Chan, came looking for me. She asked if I liked singing, went for music lessons and if any of my parents liked to sing. I said I didn’t take music lessons but my mom taught me how to sing. Of course I also told her that my mom could sing and I liked it too. She said she would look me up again another day.

Like my mom said above, we were contacted and had to go for all the rehearsals, voice recordings and so on. My mom had to take leave from work to go for rehearsals, the recordings and the performance. My mom was amazing! She sang like a diva! I was proud that my mother could sing like that. Although I had to rush to finish all my homework on time (It was exam time so there was a lot of homework), sleep late at night and wake up at six the next day, it was a really fun experience.

My recording was so-so only as I had cough *sigh*. Nonetheless, I’m happy that I had this fun experience. We had lots of fun singing together and it was a great opportunity to bond with my mom!

And we managed to take a priced shot with Minister Heng too!

Photo with Minister Heng



The Official MOE Hand in Hand Music Video

Kudos to all the good folks at MOE who made this dream experience possible!


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