Elementz High – The Beginning

Chapter #1

They live among us. They are all around us. But they are not like us.

Lizzie was an average 17 year old girl, well, at least she seemed to be to everyone who knew her. Her friends, her teachers and her neighbours all saw her as a polite and intellectual girl who had a lot of charm and charisma, which was why she was very popular among her friends. But she was far from normal. She was part of The F.U.T.U.R.E. F.U.T.U.R.E is short for Futuristic, Unique, Talented, Unnatural and Respected Embassy. She, like many other people from The F.U.T.U.R.E, was born with an element, along with a superpower. Most people have only one superpower, such as telekinesis, mind reading and more. Lizzie was one of the few people who were omnikinetic, in other words, possessed all superpowers known to humankind. Also, if you had an element, you could do many things related to it. For example, if you had the element of air you would be able to manipulate air and wind, move by air and wind currents, create blasts of air and so on.

Lizzie’s element was the element of transfiguration. This meant that she could transform into anything, even if it was a living or non-living thing. She could also transform into another human being if she wanted to! Each member of The F.U.T.U.R.E was bestowed with a particular pendant which suited their element. Lizzie’s pendant was turquoise in colour.

Chapter #2

Now it was a few days before Lizzie’s 18th birthday and she was feeling very excited. Before she hit the age of 18 she had to study in normal schools with normal people to learn to blend in. But when she turned 18 it would be a different story. It was compulsory for all 18 year old members of The F.U.T.U.R.E to go to a high school in London which was specially designed for these group of “special” teens. That high school is none other than Elementz High.

Special schooling in Elementz High was made compulsory because of the need to teach the students how to control their powers, how to use them correctly and for the right reasons and most importantly, help the students find their purpose in life. All staff in Elementz High are members of The F.U.T.U.R.E, reason being that they could cater to the students needs and allow them to feel at home. As all members of The F.U.T.U.R.E have 30 hours in a day instead of 24, they no longer had to go to bed as early as they did when they were living “normal” lives, their schedule in Elementz High was suited to their time.

Elementz High was also a very posh and fancy school, with a lot of high-tech gadgets and the interior and exterior of the school was mind-blowing. Three students shared a dorm room with three double decker beds and instead of a second bed below the top bed, it was a study desk, a dressing table and a closet. Each dorm room consists of a balcony, a bathroom, the beds, a mini kitchen and a lounging area with sofas and a television. And as the schooling was compulsory, there was no school fees.

Chapter #3

Lizzie excitedly packed her bags, dreaming about how her life would be like at Elementz High. Her two other friends that she had met earlier that month at a camp nearby were also going to study at Elementz High when school started on the 3rd September, just a few days from then. It was such a coincidence that her birthday would be on that same day, she thought. Lizzie was optimistic about going to Elementz High and all the friends she would make there.

“Won’t it be amazing if Selene and Autumn are my roommates? We got along so well at the camp and it has really been quite a while since I last saw them..” she thought to herself.

Her mind was filled with thoughts about Elementz High and she kept pestering her older twin brother, Leo, with a ton of questions since they would both be going to Elementz High.

“How do you feel about going to Elementz High?”
“Do you think our friends will miss us?”
“Will we be able to design our own uniforms?”

“Just stop it with the questions, will you?”
Try as she might, Lizzie just could not keep her mouth shut. She was just too excited.

Chapter #4

Because Lizzie and Leo lived in New Zealand, it would take a pretty long time to reach London. So on the 2nd September their whole family set off on a long plane flight to their destination. Leo was snoring with his mouth wide open beside Lizzie but she, unlike Leo, was way too excited to fall asleep. Her mind was still whirring with thoughts about Elementz High and her heart was filled with anticipation.

At long last, their plane landed in London. Lizzie and Leo, along with their parents, weaved their way through the crowded airport until they found what they were looking for: Stacey’s Money Changer. Lizzie’s father, Mr Matthaeus Nat, walked right up to the lady at the counter and said, “A lovely loo for an animal in a zoo, has ratings far from zero and is fit for a hero.” The lady smiled knowingly, took a deep breath and in the blink of an eye, teleported them outside the gates of Elementz High.

Lizzie took one look at the massive building in front of her and what she saw took her breath away. The school building looked like a castle built on a grassy hill, with beautifully mown grass, neatly trimmed hedges and several fountains surrounding the building.

“Woah…I’ve never seen anything quite as beautiful as this in my entire life.” Lizzie breathed. Teenagers of all ages were streaming into the gates of Elementz High, chattering noisily. Apparently Leo spotted someone that he recognised from their neighbourhood and went up to talk to him. All of a sudden, Lizzie felt small and alone. A wave of dread washed over her and she felt slightly nervous.

Just then, Lizzie heard two familiar voices shouting, “Hey, Lizzie!” and that nauseated feeling disappeared and was replaced with hope and happiness. She turned her head around, her eyes shining, and her heart leapt when her hopes were confirmed.

“Hey Selene! Hey Autumn! Long time no see!” Lizzie greeted them warmly before the trio hugged each other tightly. Chattering away, Lizzie almost forgot to say goodbye to her parents.

“Bye Mum, bye Dad!” she said as she waved goodbye to her parents.

She was already starting to miss them, but she knew she would be just fine as long as Selene and Autumn were around.

Chapter #5

As Lizzie, Selene and Autumn stepped into the main entrance of Elementz High, they were once again completely blown away by what they saw. The interior of Elementz High was absolutely spellbinding. There were arched hallways, tall pillars, shiny marble floors, crystal chandeliers and a courtyard with a garden that looked like it just came out from the story Beauty and the Beast and a mini waterfall cascading down into a lake full of aquatic creatures. Students wearing personalised uniforms that could have been featured on the cover of any teen magazine were chattering away excitedly to their friends in the hallways, relaxing in the courtyard and strolling by the waterfall. It was like a paradise on earth.

(to be continued…)

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