Story #2: The Story of the Smartest Boy in School

Once, there was a boy named Michael. He was the smartest boy in the school. Every time he got back his results, he would boast and brag about his results and laugh at others even if their marks were good.

One day, the other children got tired of him being so proud. “We should teach him a lesson!” said one of them. “Yes, yes. Let’s!” they shouted. “But how?” one of them asked. So they thought and thought about it until one of them came up with an idea. “I know!” she exclaimed. “Why don’t we do what he does to us to him? That way he will feel what we feel when he boasts and brags to us. Anyway, he doesn’t beat us all the time, right?” All the children agreed and promised that the next time they scored higher than him, they would do the same thing back to him.

“Okay class, I’m going to read out your results for the CA2 examination now,” their teacher said. “Rachel, 98 marks; Michael, 97 marks; Ronnie, 95.5 marks; Lily, 94 marks; and Crystal 93.5 marks. That’s your top 5. Now I will give out the exam papers to the rest of you.”


“Hi, Michael! I can’t believe that I beat you today! Ha ha ha. What is wrong with you? The paper was so easy yet I beat you! Ha ha ha, ” Rachel laughed. “Hey! I am only 1 mark behind you, don’t talk so big! Who do you think you are?” Michael retorted. “Ha, see if I care!” Rachel said as she sashayed off. “Why is she acting like this? I don’t like it. She is acting so boastful and stuck up,” Michael thought.

When Rachel went to the other children, she told them about what she said to Michael. They laughed and laughed until one of them said, “Let’s all do it to him. That shall teach him!”

So off they went to find Michael and they took turns mocking him, “Rachel beat you. Michael is such a loser. Ha ha ha!” As they went off, they chanted, “Michael the Psycho can’t beat Rachel! Ha ha ha!”

Michael was close to tears. His friends never treated him like that before. Why were they acting like this? Then it dawned upon him: It must be because he used to treat them that way. He then went to look for them to apologise. “Hey guys, I’m sorry. I… I shouldn’t have treated you that way. I didn’t realise that it would hurt you. I… I was arrogant and boastful and …just…please forgive me. It was wrong of me to boast and all, but… but could you stop…stop treating me like that. I want my old friends back please?” Michael pleaded. “Sure Michael. But remember, if you act boastful and proud again, we will act like that too okay?” Rachel said. “Sure, I promise!” Michael replied. And true to his word, Michael never boasted and acted proudly again. He is now a nice, humble boy who is liked by many.

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