Start Young 

Sarah started joining me at my weekly badminton sessions after her interest got fired up at a boot camp last Sunday. She’s 9 this year.

I remember my own journey started a wee bit younger (at about 6) with my dad. My brother and I always looked forward to following dad to the badminton courts every weekend. We would practice on the side, and wait for those brief moments when the adults took breaks to squeeze in a few minutes of playtime on the proper court. Such joy!

We went on to play competitive badminton and table tennis for our schools. Competitive sports taught us discipline, tenacity, how to win and more importantly, how to lose.

I would encourage parents to start your kids young, help them discover their talents, passion and guide them to have the right attitude towards winning and losing. What’s more, your kids will certainly grow closer to you!

Where to start?

Go on and explore the list below if you will to get into the swing of things this weekend:

Know of any interesting sports programmes for kids?
Leave your reply below!

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